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UCE: Catalan Summer University

Five years now I have taught an introductory course in Jewelry making at the Catalan Summer University (UCE) in Prada de Conflent (France).  My first experience was in 2001, introduction to the Course of Engraving by "Manel Viusà". For that event I was assistant to the engraver, and friend, Mrs. Gemma Rufach.

The introductory courses in jewelry making that I taught during the following years were unique in many ways: before attending the class, students were asked to recycle materials from the environment.  Everything was beneficial if it offered some resistance: wood, pine cones, soda cans, an olive pit properly cleaned...etc.

This often consisted in grouping items with a certain originality and finding ways to revamp them into a brooch. From the skills of participants and the variety of treasures came the success of the "recycled jewelry".

Preparing the class, 2008