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School of Art and Design in Valencia

In the spring of 2008, Carlos Pastor, professor of jewelry at the School of Art and Design in Valencia, invited me to teach a jewelry workshop he ran with Kepa Carmona and Heidi Schechinger.

The workshop was entitled "From engraving jewelry and from jewelry to engraving". We taught an intensive introductory workshop lasting three days, based on engraving applied to jewelry.

It was about working with small plates of copper using etching techniques as is usual in engraving. The subject was "about fish" and these were drawn in advance. Once the outlines were obtained and properly worked, they were stamped on paper plates for the shape.

Then, these plates were manipulated with fragments and, if necessary, added some silver or weldings to complete the process thus becoming earrings.

The results were surprising, mainly because of the enthusiasm of people who assited.  I remember it being one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in all my years as a teacher.

Workshop begining