Imma Gibert - Jewels


I have been dedicated to jewelry making for so many years, it feels like I have been doing it all my life. I relish jewels, the instruction of jewelry making, and specifically the feeling that goes into making them.

I work with gold, silver and copper. At times I use alternative materials to create a sensory link between a piece and the wearer of the piece.  It creates a relationship between the two, intimate, discreet and bereft of opulence.

All these impressions awakenen my interest, and is why I so enjoy engraving. Whenever possible, I attempt to combine these techniques, creating a single artistic expression.

Some jewels are especially dear to me because they allow me to depict two distinguishing features, calcographic engraving and goldsmithing.  Others I hold dear because they approximate the world of painting.

I also spend part of my the time learning about resources and getting deeply in photographic image, light and sequences. All this in order to be able to tell short stories, no jewelry away.